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Policy pursuant to EU Regulation 2016/679 (“GDPR”)

Below you will find the main information on the treatment of your personal data by NUOVA VITALI CUCINE SRL, in relation to your browsing on our website and on the use of the services offered. To have detailed information on how NUOVA VITALI CUCINE SRL manages your personal data please read our Privacy Policy carefully. Please read also the Cookie Policy (on this page) of the website, which contains detailed information about our services conditions.


Nuova Vitali Cucine Srl (below indicated as VITALI CUCINE) with head office in Vvia Cairo 108 – 61024 Mombaroccio (PU) (Italia) VAT n. 01421820414 – owner of the website – is the data controller. For any clarification, question or need related to your privacy and the processing of your personal data you can contact us at any time by sending an email at Nuova Vitali Cucine Srl has designated a Data Protection Officer (DPO). You can contact him at the email address above-mentioned.


The personal data processed by VITALI CUCINE are those you provide us when you make an order and purchase goods, and also those we collect when you browse or use the services offered on VITALI CUCINE can therefore collect data about you, such as personal data (name, surname, address email, shipping address and billing address, telephone, data for the payment, your orders and your purchasing habits). Moreover, technical navigation data such as your IP address the type of browser used, location data (approximate) are collected automatically, while using cookies will collect additional data (please see Cookie Policy for further information). Your personal data are processed in order to:

  • conclude and execute the purchase contract for goods offered on
  • allow you to register on the website and use the services reserved for users
  • provide you with the assistance requested when you contact our Customer Service,
  • like the possible return management.
    In the cases mentioned above, the processing of your personal data is legitimate as it is necessary to execute a contract with you or to provide you with the service that you have specifically requested from us. We also carry out statistical surveys and analysis with data in aggregate form to understand how users interact and use the Site, to improve our offer and our services. On the contrary, only with your explicit consent, we process your personal data to:
  • carry out commercial and promotional communication activities, in order to update you on news, new arrivals, exclusive products, our offers and promotions, to remind you of your wish list and your cart potentially abandoned.
  • customize the Site and commercial offers based on your interests
  • carry out market research and surveys to notice the customer satisfaction in order to improve our services and the relationship with our users. These communications will take place exclusively in the chosen way.
    In the case you do not wish to receive further communications from VITALI CUCINE or if you want to limit the ways in which you can be contacted, you can interrupt these communications at any moment simply by clicking on the “”unsubscribe / delete”” link at the bottom of each communication, accessing at your account or writing an email at: . You may receive further communications from us even after submitting your unsubscription request, as some submissions may already have been planned, and our systems may take some time to run your request. In relation to all the above activities, we will treat your personal data mainly through computer and electronic tools; the tools we use guarantee high safety standards, in full compliance with current legislation on the matter. VITALI CUCINE does not process personal data relating to minors. By accessing our website, you warrant to be of age.


Your personal data are processed by duly trained staff of VITALI CUCINE as Data Controller. In addition, for organizational and functional needs related to the provision of services on, your data may be processed by our suppliers (eg: bank operators, internet providers, companies or professionals specialized in IT and telematic services, couriers, companies that perform business activities marketing, companies specialized in market research and data processing). These last have been evaluated and chosen by VITALI CUCINE for their proven reliability and expertise. Some of them may live in non – UE countries. In these cases, the transfer of your personal data in these countries is carried out in compliance with the guarantees provided by law ( Your data could be transmitted to the police and judicial, or administrative authorities, in accordance with the law, for the assessment and the prosecution of crimes, prevention and protection from threats to public security, in order to allow VITALI CUCINE to ascertain, exercise or defend a right in court as well as for other reasons related to protection of the rights and freedoms of others.


We keep your personal data for a limited period of time it depends on the purpose for which they were collected. At the end of that period your personal data will be irreversibly deleted or otherwise anonymised. The retention period of collected and/or processed data is variable based on the type. For example, data collected during the purchase of goods on are processed until all administrative and accounting formalities have been completed. Therefore, they are filed in accordance with local tax legislation (ten years), those used to send you our newsletters, on the other hand, until you ask to stop sending.


At any time, depending on the specific treatment, you can: withdraw consent to treatment, know what your personal data are in our possession, their origin and how they are used, request the updating, correction or integration, as well as cancellation, limitation of treatment or opposition to the processing of them, in the cases provided for the legal provisions in force. You can request to receive your personal data in possession of VITALI CUCINE, in a format readable by electronic devices and, where technically possible, we will be able to transfer your data directly to a third party by you indicated. If you believe that the processing of your personal data has been done illegitimately, you can file a complaint with one of the responsible supervisory authorities for the respect of rules on the protection of personal data. In Italy, the complaint can be submitted to the Personal Data Protection Supervisor ( This information may be subject to changes and additions over time, we therefore invite you to periodically check the contents. Where possible, we will try to promptly inform you of any changes made.


The provision of personal data for related activities to the website, is a contractual obligation. You are free to communicate your data or not, but in absence of the requested data it will not be possible to conclude or execute the contract or your requests. That means you cannot buy our products or benefit from VITALI CUCINE services, and also that VITALI CUCINE could not handle your requests.


We protect your personal data with specific technical and organizational security measures, aimed at preventing them from illegitimately or fraudulently use. In particular, we use security measures which guarantee the pseudonymisation or encryption of your data; the confidentiality, integrity, availability of your data as well as the resilience of the systems and services that develop them; the ability to restore data in case of data breach. Furthermore, VITALI CUCINE undertakes to regularly test, verify and evaluate the effectiveness of technical and organizational measures in order to guarantee continuous improvement in the safety of processing operations.


The processing of your personal data is carried out by VITALI CUCINE in compliance with the relevant rules of (EU) 2016/679 Regulation, a general data protection regulation, with Italian rules in the field of treatment of personal data, and the provisions of the Italian Supervisory Authority (


This policy, together with Privacy, shows some site management rules, also with reference to the use of user information. The following applies to this site and not to other websites that may be visited by the user. In particular, this section provides information relating to the cookies active on the site and how they are used. The Cookie Policy (or “Information extended “) below, relating to the use of cookies on the website, is rendered to the user in implementation of the Provision of the Guarantor for the protection of personal data (May 8, 2014): “Identification of simplified procedures for information and acquisition of consent for the use of cookies” in compliance with the related clarifications issued in this regard by the Guarantor for the protection of personal data and National Legislation (Legislative Decree 196/2003 and subsequent amendments). The website is controlled and managed by Nuova Vitali Cucine Srl with head office in Mombaroccio (PU), Via Cairo, 108 – VAT number: 01421820414 – e-mail:, then also indicated as “Website Manager”.


A “cookie” is a small text file installed by some websites on the computer of the user when he accesses a specific site or uses some services offered by the site itself. The aim is to store and carry information. Cookies are sent by a web server (which is the computer on which the visited site is running) to the user’s browser (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, etc.) and saved on the device of this latter. For further information and to know more about cookies in general, visit the page


In general, cookies can be used for various reasons, for example to monitor the use of the site by visitors, improve the browsing of web pages, to allow the user to set personal preferences on the sites he is visiting, to protect user safety, to present advertising messages according to the visitors’ interests.


In general, and according to common terminology cookies can have several features that allow you to classify them according to:

  • the length of time the user remains on the device: in this case we talk about session/ temporary cookies or persistent cookies;
  • the origin: in this case we are talking about first-party cookies (sent to the browser directly from the site you are visiting) or cookies from third-party (sent to the browser from other sites and not from the site you are visiting);
  • to the purpose: in this case, also in line with the provisions of the regarding the Guarantee Authority for the protection of personal data we talk about technical cookies
  • analytical, identification and profiling cookies
    By following this classification, the same cookie may have also all these features together so, for example, it could be a cookie with a persistent duration, a third party coming cookie, and a cookie with profiling purposes.


Session / temporary cookies: they are not stored persistently but limited only to the duration of the browsing session. This means that they are automatically deleted from the user’s device once he has left the website and closed the navigation browser.
Permanent cookies: they are stored on the user’s device up to when they are not deleted by the user himself or until their expiration date, if pre-set. So they are not automatically deleted from the user’s device, once he left the website.


First-party cookies: the cookies released by the website visited at that moment. The site is the one corresponding to the address entered by the user (Website displayed in the URL window).
Third party cookies: the cookies issued by a different website than the one visited by the user.


Technical cookies: these cookies are essential for browsing the site and using some specific features. They can be divided into:

  • navigation / indispensable / performance cookies: they guarantee the normal navigation and use of the website (allowing, for example, to make a purchase or authenticate to access areas confidential); if these cookies are blocked, the site may don’t work correctly anymore. In this case, this are first-party or permanent cookies
  • functionality / preferences / location / session status cookies: allow you to store information that change the usability or appearance of the site (preferred language, text size and characters, geographic area where you are). If they get blocked, the browsing experience will be less functional but not compromised. These cookies allow the site to remember the choices you make (such as the preference of the language, the contents of interest, etc.) and to provide the customized features selected by the user, in order to improve the browsing experience. In some cases, these cookies can also be used to offer online services. (e.g. offer of a live chat service) to prevent user from being offered services previously refused in the past. Cookies in this site are first or third party cookies, or temporary or permanent ones.

Social Widgets and Command Buttons

Social Widgets / Command Buttons are those particular “buttons” often represented as graphic icons (e.g. social network icons like Facebook and YouTube), which allow to the users who are browsing the site to perform an action or a command (e.g. “Like”) interacting with a “Click”, directly on social media network. Thanks to user click on social widgets / command buttons, the user has the option to share the content of the site on its social profile and allow the publication and the page views of the site, of contents from the social network itself (e.g. watching friends’ photos). The site does not share any browsing information or user data with social media networks accessible from your own pages via widgets or command buttons.


Most Internet browsers are initially set up for automatically accepting cookies. You can change these settings in order to block cookies or be notified every time cookies are sent to the navigation device. Moreover, at the end of each browsing session is possible to delete the collected cookies from your device. There are several ways to manage cookies. User is recommended to refer to the specific instructions of the browser used. In case different devices have been used to view and access the site (for example, computers, smartphones, tablet, etc.), the same user will have the responsibility to ensure that each browser on each device is regulated in order to reflect the preferences expressed with regard to cookies. For the prompt management of cookies useful for the use of advertising behavioural, you can change the preferences here below: whilst from the links below it is possible to access specific management instructions cookies through some of the main navigation programs.
Microsoft Windows Explorer
If you do not use any of the browsers listed above you can, in any case, select the “”cookie”” item in the relevant section of the guide to find out where your cookie folder is.